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Los Morrillos Lighthouse In Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico

Los Morrillos Lighthouse, also known as Faro Los Morrillos de Cabo Rojo, is a historic lighthouse located in the municipality of Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico.  Faro Los Morrillos is located at the southwestern tip of Puerto Rico.  The lighthouse was built in 1882, over limestone cliffs that rise 200 feet above sea level, to help guide passing ships through the southeast entrance from the Caribbean Sea through the treacherous Mona Passage into the Atlantic Ocean. 

The lighthouse is simple in architecture and the illuminating apparatus is housed in a cast-iron, copper and glass lantern.  Los Morrillos Lighthouse was automated in 1967, but was originally operated by two keepers and an engineer, who lived on the lighthouse with their families.  Faro Los Morrillos is known to have some spectacular ocean views in the West Coast of Puerto Rico.

Take a look at this video of Los Morillos Lighthouse:

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Top Private Schools In Puerto Rico

If you are planning to move to Puerto Rico and have children, Puerto Rico has many private schools that teach in English.  Public schools are not an option, because public schools do not teach in English.  Finding the right private school depends on a number of factors:  How much you can afford, location of school, English teaching, Bilingual teaching, all boys school, all girls school, mix gender schools, and religion denomination schools.

Here are the top private schools in Puerto Rico in no particular order:

Schools that teach in English in the San Juan area:

Baldwin School (K-12th) in Guaynabo
Robinson School (K-12th) in Condado
St. Johns School (K-12th) in Condado
Commonwealth-Parkville School (CPS), Commonwealth Campus (7th-12th) in Hato Rey
Commonwealth-Parkville School (CPS), Parkville Campus (PPK-6th) in Guaynabo
Wesleyan Academy in Guaynabo
Cupeyville School (Nursery, Pre-Kinder, Kindergarten, 1st to 6th grade, 7th to 12th grade) mix in Cupey

These are out of San Juan:

TASIS in Dorado
Dorado Academy in Dorado

Best Bilingual Schools in the San Juan area:

Colegio San Ignacio (7th-12th) Boys only in Rio Piedras
Academia Maria Reina (7th-12th) Girls only in Rio Piedras
Colegio Perpetuo Socorro (K-12th) mix in Miramar
Colegio Marista (K-12th) mix in Guaynabo
American Military Academy (K-12th) mix in Guaynabo
Academia San Jose in Guaynabo mix (K-6th) and Girls only (7th-12th)
Colegio Puertorriqueño de Niñas in Guaynabo (K-12th) Girls only
Colegio San José in Rio Piedras (7th-12th) Boys only
Academia San Ignacio in Rio Piedras (K-6th) mix

Once you have an idea of where you will be living in Puerto Rico, a realtor can help you with finding a place (rent or own) and with information about schools in the area you are interested in.


Starting in August 2012, the previous administration, started a plan to have public schools teach all subjects in English (except for Spanish and history).  The plan started at a handful of Puerto Rico's elementary schools, and another 35 schools will follow to phase in English as the language of instruction.  Eventually all public schools will teach in English, according to the plan.  How well this plan is being implemented is still unclear.

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