Sunday, December 4, 2016

Hacienda Lealtad Gets Ecotourism Certification In Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Tourism Company has granted Hacienda Lealtad the ecotourism certification.  Hacienda Lealtad is a boutique hotel, based on Puerto Rico's coffee tradition, located in the town of Lares, Puerto Rico.  The mountain resort has 20 rooms, a wine cellar, and a restaurant.
To be certified, the location or event must include an agricultural activity or considerable agro processes.

Hacienda Lealtad property has 1000 acres planted with coffee, where the cultivation, processing, roasting, packaging of coffee, and sales takes place. Hacienda Lealtad offers tours that focus on educating about coffee and encouraging local agriculture. 

Hacienda Lealtad has a café, La Hacienda’s Café bistro, where visitors can enjoy a meal, pastries, organic juices made with locally grown products, and drink some coffee.