Wednesday, December 29, 2010

El Dia De Los Reyes (Three Kings Day) In Puerto Rico

Three Kings Day In Puerto Rico
El Dia De Los Reyes (Three Kings Day) is a Holiday in Puerto Rico.  El Dia De Los Reyes is on January 6, and celebrates the day when a group of Kings arrived to worship and bring three gifts to baby Jesus, after following a star in the sky.  The three Kings: Melchior, Gaspar, and Balthazar, arrived on camels, bringing gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh to the baby Jesus.

There are many celebrations in Puerto Rico on this holiday.  The Three Kings Day is equally as important as Christmas Day.  Children receive presents on both days: Christmas and El Dia De Los                       
Reyes.  In Puerto Rico on the Eve of Three Kings Day,
it is a tradition for the children to take a shoe box,
fill it with grass, put water in a glass, and place it
under the bed.  The three Kings will drink the
water, and then take the grass to feed the camels.
In return, The three Kings will leave gifts under the

Puerto Ricans spend this holiday with family and
friends, and is customary to take a day trip to enjoy
the countryside.  In San Juan there are many
celebrations with food, live music, and dancing.
Also, every year the Governor of Puerto Rico
opens his residence, the governor's mansion
called La Fortaleza, to the public, as part
of the El Dia De Los Reyes festivities.

If you are in Puerto Rico during El Dia De Los Reyes,
make sure to join in the celebration. 

Take a look at this video with the traditional music of the holidays.  The song is about a little child riding on his donkey, on his way to Bethlehem to see baby Jesus.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

How To Make Coquito (Eggnog): The Christmas Drink In Puerto Rico

Ingredients to make Coquito
Coquito (Eggnog) is a Christmas Holiday staple in Puerto Rico.  Coquito is the drink of choice for Puerto Ricans during the Holidays.  Go to any party in Puerto Rico during the holidays, and the Coquito drink will be there.  If you are giving a party your guests will ask, where is the Coquito?  Learn how to make Coquito. 

Here is the recipe to make Coquito.  This recipe is quick, easy, and has less fat and calories without sacrificing taste.

1 bottle of Bacardi white rum (750 liters)
2-15 oz cans canned cream of coconut
2-12 oz cans fat free evaporated milk
2-14 oz Eagle fat free condensed milk
1-1/2 cups of Eggbeaters regular egg substitute
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 pinch of salt
cinnamon to taste

Mix egg substitute with evaporated milk in blender.
When blender is full, pour contents into large bowl
and continue blending.
Continue adding and blending ingredients, except
for cinnamon, salt and vanilla.

When all the ingredients are well mixed and in
large bowl, stir in vanilla and pinch of salt.
Sprinkle with cinnamon to taste and stir until well

Use funnel to pour into 4-5 clean glass liquor or
wine bottles.  Do not use plastic bottles.  Do not
fill all the way to the top as you must shake well
before serving.

Store in the refrigerator and serve cold in liquor


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Monday, December 20, 2010

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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas In Puerto Rico

Christmas in Puerto Rico is celebrated like no other place in the world.  The Christmas season in Puerto Rico is long.  The Christmas celebration starts right after Thanksgiving and continues through the mid of January, a long and delightful party time.  Christmas day, New Years, and Three Kings Day on January 6, are all Holidays.  The Holidays in Puerto Rico are spent with family and friends, and there is always a party almost every day, either at a friends house, relatives, or at work.

There are many events during Christmas time in Puerto Rico: Festivals, boat parades, and New Year's Eve party celebrations.  Most of the big parties are held at the hotels, such as the New Year's Eve party.  Puerto Ricans come out dress to impress, and to party all night long.  Smaller parties are held at relatives and friends homes.

Food is an important element during  the Christmas Holidays in Puerto Rico.  Some of the typical dishes this time of the year are: Arroz con gandules, pasteles and lechon ( pork).  Puerto Ricans go to the countryside to eat pork roasted on a spit, it is very popular on January 6 ( Three Kings Day). The Holiday of January 6,  (El Dia de Los Reyes) is as important as Christmas Day.  Children receive gifts on both days, on December 25th the gifts come from Santa, and on January 6, they come from the Three Kings.

Aguinaldos (carols) are the custom sounds this time of the year in the island.  Puerto Ricans get together to sing and dance.  A typical custom, but not practiced very much these days, are the parrandas or asaltos.  It is like Christmas caroling, but with an edge.  The custom here, is to go to a relative or a friends house after midnight ( or wait until they have gone to sleep), with a group of people and musical instruments, to sing and wake them up.  After your parranda or group has been let in the house, there is more singing and dancing, and then the recipients of the parranda joins the group, and they all go along to another house to deliver another parranda.  This can go on all night long!

Now, you may be asking, don't Puerto Ricans have to go to work in between all these celebrations?  Yes, people still have to work, but work takes a back seat during this time of the year.  If you want to experience the Christmas Holidays like you have not experienced them before, head over to Puerto Rico.  The weather is great, the people are happy, the beaches are inviting, and you will participate in a very festive time: Feliz Navidad in Puerto Rico.

Take a look at this YouTube video with the sounds and images of Christmas in Puerto Rico:

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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Top Four Things Not To Do While Visiting Puerto Rico

Top four things not to do while visiting Puerto Rico:

Only Visit San Juan -  There are many places to visit beyond San Juan.  Make sure to explore other areas of Puerto Rico.  Discover other towns like Rincon, Patillas, and the islands of Culebra and Vieques.

Eating Only Foods Your Familiar With -  Have a taste of the typical foods of the island.  Try fritters like Alcapurrias and Bacalaitos.

Leaving Common Sense At Home -  Although you are on vacation mode, do not forget your street smarts.  No matter where you travel in the world, safety comes first.

Being Impatient -  Keep an open mind, the island of Puerto Rico is on "Caribbean" time.  Life in Puerto Rico, runs at a slower pace.  In Puerto Rico is not all about work, but appreciating life, family, and friends.

Go ahead, enjoy Puerto Rico to the fullest, and discover why Puerto Rico Is The Place...