Sunday, December 7, 2014

Four Seasons Resort Coming To Puerto Rico

It has been reported that a Four Seasons Resort will be coming to Puerto Rico.  The resort will be located on Puerto Rico's east coast, near El Conquistador resort.  The Four Seasons will have 300 rooms and the resort will be completed in about 2 years.

Puerto Rico has other luxury hotels scheduled to open including the Condado Vanderbilt, and a JW  Marriott.


Sunday, November 2, 2014

Renovations For Ventana Del Mar In San Juan, Puerto Rico

The Ventana del Mar park in Condado, Puerto Rico, will be going through some renovations. Improvements will be made by repaving and repairing the concrete boardwalk, installing sea-turtle friendly lighting and reinforcing safety railings.  Palm trees will be added and grassy areas will be installed.  Recreational areas around the east tower of the Condado Vanderbilt will also be created.

Ventana del Mar, is an open park between the Condado Vanderbilt and La Concha hotel and is a popular place for locals and tourists.  Ventana del Mar offers open-air movie screenings and Jazz concerts.

The Puerto Rico Tourism Company and International Hospitality Enterprises are behind the renovations.  The renovation to Ventana del Mar will be completed in a couple of months.

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Sunday, October 12, 2014

George Clooney And Sandra Bullock filming in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico continues to attract big-budget films and it was reported that, two of Hollywood’s biggest stars, Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, are heading to Puerto Rico to star in, “Our Brand is Crisis,” a movie about the role, Clinton spinmaster, James Carville played in getting Gonzalo Sánchez de Lozada elected president of Bolivia in 2002.

“Our Brand is Crisis,” is being directed by David Gordon Green and filming is expected to start next month in Puerto Rico.  Clooney and Bullock last starred together in "Gravity."

The movie “The Men who Stare at Goats,” which stars Clooney was also filmed in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Top Adventure Things To Do In Puerto Rico

There is plenty to do in Puerto Rico, but if you are looking to experience the adventurous side of Puerto Rico, here are the top things, to get your adrenaline pumping:

Zip-lining in the rainforest

This  experience takes you to the center of the Puerto Rican rainforest, and you will be able to fly through the tree-tops as effortlessly as a tropical bird.  A combination of great scenery and adventure.

Camuy Cave Park

A great experience is the Camuy Cave Park.  Take a tour through this massive park, located in northwestern Puerto Rico.  The Camuy Cave Park is one of the world’s largest and oldest underground cavern systems.

Hike the El Yunque rainforest

Take a day trip to El Yunque.  This rainforest boasts nearly 250 species of wildlife and plants, and great waterfalls.

Surfing in Rincon

If you are a good surfer, put your surfing skills to the test in Rincon.  The town of Rincon is located in northwest Puerto Rico and is popular with surfers.  Surfing in Ricncon is not for beginners, so if you don't have the experience, not to worry, you can still enjoy the scenery.

Tour the Puerto Rican countryside

Drive an ATV around the Puerto Rican countryside.  Enjoy the picturesque areas of the mountains, lakes, and tropical forests.

Watersports at Isla Verde Beach

If being at the beach is your preference, enjoy various wartersport activities for rent at Isla Verde Beach, in Isla Verde.  Watersports include: water-skiing, body-boarding, jet skiing, Kitesurfing, and windsurfing.  Isla Verde beach is the best beach in the San Juan area.

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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Serafina Restaurant Coming To San Juan, Puerto Rico

World-famous Serafina restaurant is coming to San Juan, Puerto Rico.  Serafina, a quality Northern Italian restaurant will open next year at La Concha Renaissance Resort.  Serafina, owned by Vittorio Assaf and Fabio Granato, serves homemade pastas, marinated meats, fish and vegetables and authentic pizzas made in a cherrywood-burning oven.

Serafina is a popular spot around the world, with locations in: Dubai, Mumbai, Tokyo, Moscow, Seoul, Istanbul, Marbella, Brazil, Philadelphia, Seattle and New York City where it attracts celebrities such as the Kardashians, Bono, Prince and Lady Gaga.

Billionaire John Paulson, owner of La Concha and the Vanderbilt hotel, was instrumental in getting  Serafina restaurant to open in San Juan, Puerto Rico.


Sunday, August 3, 2014

Puerto Rico For A Wedding Destination

The Caribbean is one of the top destination-wedding markets in the world, as the weather is the most important factor in selecting a destination, and Puerto Rico is the place for a wedding.  The island of Puerto Rico is one of the best locations for weddings.  Puerto Rico is easy to get to with no passport required, perfect for a dream wedding.  Couples looking to get married in Puerto Rico have many venue choices, from high-end resorts, small inns, event centers and other unique settings to choose from.

The island has many resorts in various locations with the perfect ideal wedding scenery.  Some of the resorts are:  El San Juan Hotel, in Isla Verde, Horned Dorset Primavera, in Rincon, The Ritz Carlton, in Isla Verde,  El Convento hotel in Old San Juan, La Concha hotel, in Condado, Windham Grand Rio Mar Beach Resort and Spa in Río Grande, the W Retreat and Spa in the island of Vieques, The Ritz Carlton in Dorado, El Conquistador Resort, in Fajardo, and the St. Regis Bahia Beach Resort.

The process for getting married in Puerto Rico is easy.  Nonresident couples wishing to marry on the island can submit a medical certificate that meets all the tests required at their place of residence.   Have a wonderful and unforgettable wedding in beautiful Puerto Rico!


Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Lounge At The Airport In San Juan, Puerto Rico

The Lounge is a new VIP space in the Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport in San Juan, Puerto Rico.   The new development, by Global Lounge Network has 5,000-square-feet and include: sitting/meeting spaces, a dining area, an upscale bar, a quiet room with available charging stations, another room that provides a planetarium-like atmosphere, and a kids room complete with playthings and an Xbox gaming console. The Lounge can accommodate up to 150 patrons.

An investment of around $700,000 went into building The Lounge.  The Lounge is a neutral VIP lounge, it is not affiliated to any airline.  The Lounge has received steady visits from high-end frequent fliers, and Global Lounge Network also hopes to capitalize on the recent influx of offshore investors that have been lured to Puerto Rico as a result of economic incentives.


Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Beach Club To Be Built In Isla Verde, Puerto Rico

A multi-use development to be known as the Beach Club will be built at the former site of Tropimar Beach Club & Convention Center in Isla Verde, Puerto Rico.  Engineering firm MLM Group will invest $5 million to develop the Beach Club.

The Beach Club will be located in the middle of the Carolina public beach and it is within sight of Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport and minutes from the popular Isla Verde tourism area.

The Beach Club will include a restaurant, also called The Beach Club, that will feature open-air dining and a river-shaped pool.  The Music Venue, a concert hall with a capacity for 2,000 people, will occupy the second floor of the complex.  Several other restaurant and retail establishments are also expected on site.

The project is expected to generate around 200 direct jobs.  MLM Group will also be in charge of the operations at the Beach Club in Isla Verde.  The Beach Club in Isla Verde will complement other beach attractions: the Blue Flag public beach and the Aquasol Water Park.


Sunday, June 29, 2014

Paddleboarding In Rincon, Puerto Rico

Rincón, Puerto Rico has been voted the best town in the United States for standup paddleboarding.  SUP Magazine, a print and digital publication dedicated to the sport, invited readers to pick the best standup paddleboarding (SUP) spot in the nation.

Rincon is known around the world for surfing and now it has emerged as a hotspot for the fast-growing sport of standup paddleboarding.  The town of Rincon, has always been a popular destination for tourist, thanks to world-class waves, whale watching and stunning sunsets.

Eight towns were in the competition: Rincón, Honolulu (Hawaii), Wilmington (North Carolina), Boise (Idaho), Jupiter (Florida), Seattle (Washington), Charleston (South Carolina), and Dana Point (California).


Sunday, June 22, 2014

San Juan, Puerto Rico


Sunday, June 15, 2014

Plans For A Boardwalk In The Tourist Areas Of San Juan, Puerto Rico

The Puerto Rico government is planning a $29 million investment in a boardwalk linking Old San Juan with other popular tourism areas in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  The Paseo Puerta de Tierra would give pedestrians and cyclists safer and easier access to the Condado tourism area as well as the Convention Center District.  The Paseo Puerta de Tierra would include oceanfront sections along Muñoz Rivera Avenue heading into Old San Juan.  There are also plans for a terraced park overlooking the Atlantic Ocean between Escambrón Beach and the Capitol building.

The Paseo Puerta de Tierra project will create 300 jobs and it includes: a $4.3 million in improvements to Tren Street to serve as the bus route in Old San Juan, $4.5 million to improve the connection for cyclists and pedestrians between Condado and the San Juan Islet, and a $15.6 million walkway along the oceanfront Muñoz Rivera Avenue from Escambrón Beach to the Capitol.


Sunday, June 1, 2014

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

First Look: Crossbones, Filmed In Puerto Rico

Take a first look at the NBC television series, Crossbones, filmed in Puerto Rico.  Crossbones, stars actor, John Malkovich and premieres May 30, on NBC.



Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Encanto Group Has Purchased Properties In Palmas Del Mar In Humacao, Puerto Rico

The Encanto Group investment firm has purchased the luxurious Solarea Beach Resort apartments, the Yacht Club Marina and 24-waterfront acres, in Palmas del Mar, in Humacao, Puerto Rico.  The  Encanto Group is expected to invest some $200 million in development plans that include a new hotel and oceanfront residences.  The Encanto Group aims to develop a world-class beach and yachting destination in Puerto Rico.


Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Former Puerto Rico Navy Base Could Be Launch Pad For Space Flight

It has been reported on the internet, that a former United States Navy base in the town of Ceiba, in the east coast of Puerto Rico, could be the location where Virgin Galactic chooses to build a launch pad for future commercial space flights.

Rumors started flying when an article in Caribbean Business said the owner of Virgin Galactic, Richard Branson, had purchased 11 hangars at the Roosevelt Roads Naval Station.  The former base was used by the U.S. Navy from 1957 to 2003.  The base includes an airport that is used for flights to Culebra and Vieques.

According to Caribbean Business, the Department of Economic Development of Puerto Rico, and representatives of Virgin Galactic have refused to confirm the rumors.



Sunday, April 27, 2014

Investors Paulson And Prouty Rave About Puerto Rico

At the 2014 Puerto Rico Investment Summit in San Juan, Puerto Rico, investors John Paulson of Paulson & Co and Nicholas Prouty of Putnam Bridge Funding, talked to a crowd of more than 200 investors and investment advisers about the benefits of investing in Puerto Rico.

John Paulson said Puerto Rico is on the cusp of an economic transformation that could make it “the Singapore of the Caribbean.”  Nicholas Prouty said Puerto Rico is “in the process of a great reinvention” that is creating enormous opportunities for investors.  Their message to investors was that Puerto Rico is a land of opportunity and discussed the advantages of living and working in Puerto Rico.  It appears Paulson and Prouty have also discovered that Puerto Rico Is The Place.  These investors and many others are taking advantage of new tax laws in Puerto Rico:  Law 20 and Law 22.  Paulson has invested in the St. Regis Bahia Beach Resort and the Bahia Beach Resort & Golf Club,  La Concha Resort and the Condado Vanderbilt, and plans to invest $1 billion in Puerto Rican projects over the next two years.  Prouty has invested $750 million in Puerto Rico through his firm Putnam Bridge.  Prouty shared his experiences since moving down from the mainland and making a new life for his family in the Caribbean.

The tax laws aim to promote the export of services from the Caribbean island and to encourage  wealthy individuals to move to the island.  The tax law 20 is for companies moving to the island and  Law 22 is for individual investors.  The Export Services Act 20  looks to establish and develop in Puerto Rico an international export services center.  This act seeks to encourage local service providers to expand their services to persons outside of Puerto Rico, promote the development of new businesses in Puerto Rico and stimulate the inbound transfer of foreign service providers to Puerto Rico.
To qualify, a company has to employ at least 3 people.  The tax benefits are:   4% corporate tax rate, which may be reduced to 3%,  100% tax exemption on dividends or profit distributions from export services businesses, 100% exemption on property taxes for certain export service businesses services, Decree of 20 years, renewable for an additional 10 years, guaranteeing these rates.
Almost all services provided for export are eligible including research and development, advertisement and public relations, consulting, investment banking, asset management and other financial services, and professional services such as legal, accounting, architectural and engineering services.

The Individual Investors Act 22 seeks to attract new residents to Puerto Rico by providing a total exemption from Puerto Rico income taxes on all passive income realized or accrued after such individuals become bona fide residents of Puerto Rico.  To qualify, the new resident must not have been a resident of Puerto Rico at any time from January 16, 1997 through January 16, 2012.  The tax benefits are:  100% tax exemption from Puerto Rico income taxes on all dividends, 100% tax exemption from Puerto Rico income taxes on all interest, 100% tax exemption from Puerto Rico income taxes on all short-term, and long-term capital gains accrued after the individual becomes a bona- fide resident of Puerto Rico.

To date there are 236 investors taking advantage of these tax laws and after the Investment Summit more are expected to follow.  Law 20 and Law 22 were created in 2012 by Former Governor Luis Fortuno.

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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Hyatt Place Manatí & Casino Atlántico Opens In Puerto Rico

At a cost of $38 million The Hyatt Place Manatí & Casino Atlántico was inaugurated in the town of Manatí in Puerto Rico.  The town of Manati is located in the northern coast of Puerto Rico.

The Hyatt Place Manatí is an upscale hotel with 104 rooms and it will serve the need for business travelers in Manati's business district as well as the growing medical tourism market.  The hotel is located 38 minutes from Luis Munoz Marin International Airport.

More than 200 people will be employed by the Hyatt Place Manatí & Casino Atlántico.  The hotel   marks the return of the Hyatt brand to Puerto Rico and was developed by PRISA Group and McConnell Valdes Consulting Inc.

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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Turtle Bay Inn Opens In La Parguera, Puerto Rico

Turtle Bay Inn, located in the popular eco-tourism hotspot of La Parguera, Puerto Rico, has become the latest parador certified by the Puerto Rico Tourism Company.

Turtle Bay Inn, is a two-story building and offers its guests twelve modern and spacious rooms, as well as amenities of a large hotel.

Paradores offer a unique and high quality option for tourist in Puerto Rico.  Paradores are usually family owned, and they are located in the most interesting areas of Puerto Rico. 


Sunday, March 2, 2014

Wyndham Grand Rio Mar Beach Resort In Puerto Rico To Get Renovated

Wyndham Worldwide is investing more than $500 million into its Wyndham Grand Rio Mar Beach Resort in eastern Puerto Rico.  Plans for the renovation include: $157 million to renovate 400 rooms at the Río Mar hotel, the construction of 155 additional units, and plans to build 777 timeshare units.

The renovation will create 625 direct and indirect jobs in Puerto Rico, during the construction phase and 161 permanent posts.  The salaries for the resort jobs will average $50,000 per year.  Wyndham Worldwide acquired control of the Rio Mar Beach Resort in 2012.


Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday, February 16, 2014

La Parguera In Puerto Rico To Be Renovated

La Parguera in Puerto Rico, a popular tourist spot in Puerto Rico's southwest coast, is set to be renovated with the investment of $8 million from the government of Puerto Rico.

Plans for the renovation include: The construction of a 67-foot long boarding dock for fishermen and tourists planning to take scenic boat rides, a boardwalk, bicycle lanes, refurbishing of streets and sidewalks, volleyball courts, and planting of mangroves in La Parguera.


Sunday, February 2, 2014

Casa Sol Bed & Breakfast In Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

Casa Sol is the first bed & breakfast style business in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.  Casa Sol is endorsed by The Puerto Rico Tourism Company and is part of its new bed & breakfast program. 

The bed & breakfast program aims to give opportunities for Puerto Rican entrepreneurs to invest in the tourism industry and spur the island economy.  Puerto Rican families will be able to transform their homes into guest houses.

Bed & breakfasts offers a more intimate and personalized experience and breakfasts at Casa Sol will revolve around local produce, coffee and other foods.


Sunday, January 19, 2014

Air Europa To Launch Direct Flights From Puerto Rico To Spain

Air Europa will launch next May, direct flights between Puerto Rico and Spain.  Spain-based Air Europa will operate two nonstop flights per week between San Juan and Madrid.  The trans-Atlantic route between the two capital cities will be covered by a 299-seat Airbus A-330 aircraft.  The service is expected to land 15,000 additional European tourists per year, to the island of Puerto Rico.

Germany’s Condor Airlines is the only other airline currently offering direct flights to Europe from Puerto Rico.  Condor Airlines offers twice a week flights between San Juan, Puerto Rico and Frankfurt, Germany.

Air Europa, a privately held carrier, founded in 1986, has a fleet of 44 airplanes and employs some 4,000 people.  Air Europa offers connecting flights from Madrid to major European cities including London, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Milan, Paris, Rome and Moscow.


Sunday, January 5, 2014

Oil And Gas Found In Puerto Rico

A report by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) produced an assessment which could possibly lead to the future production of oil and natural gas in the Puerto Rico.  The USGS report determined, that an area, in the south coast of Puerto Rico, contains an estimated 19 million barrels of undiscovered, technically recoverable crude oil and 244 billion cubic feet of undiscovered natural gas, and 6 million barrels of natural gas liquids. 

The location of the discovery in Puerto Rico, is in the Muertos Deformed Belt around Caja de Muertos, a small island in the Caribbean Sea about five miles off the coast of Ponce, on Puerto Rico’s southern  coast.  The Caja de Muertos area was the only one with petroleum system elements.

The U.S. Geological report was based on the presence and viability of petroleum system elements including source rocks, reservoir rocks, traps, and timing considerations.