Thursday, December 23, 2010

How To Make Coquito (Eggnog): The Christmas Drink In Puerto Rico

Ingredients to make Coquito
Coquito (Eggnog) is a Christmas Holiday staple in Puerto Rico.  Coquito is the drink of choice for Puerto Ricans during the Holidays.  Go to any party in Puerto Rico during the holidays, and the Coquito drink will be there.  If you are giving a party your guests will ask, where is the Coquito?  Learn how to make Coquito. 

Here is the recipe to make Coquito.  This recipe is quick, easy, and has less fat and calories without sacrificing taste.

1 bottle of Bacardi white rum (750 liters)
2-15 oz cans canned cream of coconut
2-12 oz cans fat free evaporated milk
2-14 oz Eagle fat free condensed milk
1-1/2 cups of Eggbeaters regular egg substitute
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 pinch of salt
cinnamon to taste

Mix egg substitute with evaporated milk in blender.
When blender is full, pour contents into large bowl
and continue blending.
Continue adding and blending ingredients, except
for cinnamon, salt and vanilla.

When all the ingredients are well mixed and in
large bowl, stir in vanilla and pinch of salt.
Sprinkle with cinnamon to taste and stir until well

Use funnel to pour into 4-5 clean glass liquor or
wine bottles.  Do not use plastic bottles.  Do not
fill all the way to the top as you must shake well
before serving.

Store in the refrigerator and serve cold in liquor


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  1. I'm puerto rican and I can say coquito taste so good is the best drink ever.

  2. I love, love LOVE Coquito. There are a couple of recipe's out there and different versions. Some are good and many are GREAT! The version I grew up with in NYC with my Puerto Rican neighbors did not have eggs in it nor egg beaters, though I have had some versions with egg in them and I just don't feel it is a needed ingredient, it does not add much to the texture the cream of coconut already gives it. Instead, my NYC neighbor taught me to make her version from Bayamon, PR... it had condensed milk, evaporated milk, coconut milk, cream of coconut, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg and a pinch of allspice along with Bacardi Rum. Just as good! i have had other varieties using coconut rum or spiced rum....great idea to use flavored rum. I like the way you presented yours! Your version is good for being low fat...hehehe, but who wants to go low fat for Christmas coquito?! Bring on the full fat and enjoy the drink. We all know it is not the fat that is harmful...what is harmful is the sugar. Coquito is a sweet drink for sweet folks during the sweet holidays! It is for a special occasion! :) SALUD y FELIZ NAVIDAD!

  3. Salud and Feliz Navidad to you as well. Coquito is great,and yes this is a "healthy" version. Ha ha ha...I know what you mean, coquito is SWEET!!!