Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fritters: A Must Try In Puerto Rico

When visiting Puerto Rico, have a taste of the local fritters (cuchifritos).  Some of the popular ones are:

Sorullos de Maiz
  • Alcapurrias - Made with yuca, green bananas, crabmeat or ground beef, and deep fried in oil.

  • Sorullos de Maiz (corn sticks) - Made with corn and deep fried.

  • Bacalaitos -  Made with codfish, flour, water or beer, sofrito, herbs and deep fried.

    Vendors sell these fritters at street side stands or kiosks (kioscos) throughout Puerto Rico.  A favorite place with locals and tourist to eat the fritters, is Pinones Beach.  Pinones, is east of Isla Verde and during the day is when everything is open.  You will find many kiosks (kioscos) where you can eat, and see them preparing, Alcapurrias, Bacalaitos and many more.

    Enjoy a fritter by the beach, but you are warned, you will be drooling to have more...... 


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