Monday, January 24, 2011

Puerto Rican Food In Los Angeles


If you live or are visiting  Los Angeles, California, make sure to stop by Mofongos Comida Caribena, the only Puerto Rican restaurant in Los Angeles.  If you are looking for authentic food from Puerto Rico, this is the spot.  Mofongos Restaurant is small (they are currently expanding), and Puerto Rican decorations are proudly displayed.  The restaurant is located in the North Hollywood Arts District.  Their signature dish is mofongo, a bowl of mashed plantains where seafood, meat, or vegetable is added.  I went to the restaurant on a recent visit, their mofongo was delicious with a homemade taste, as well as the other items on the menu:  
Steak and onions with rice and pigeon peas/arroz con gandules, pasteles/Puerto Rican tamales, sorullitos de maiz/cornsticks, and alcapurrias.

Arroz Con Gandules
Sorullitos De Maiz

So, if you are having cravings for Puerto Rican food, or if you have never tasted food from Puerto Rico, head over to Mofongos Restaurant.            


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