Thursday, June 23, 2011

Internet Hoax Alert: Senator McCain Comments Of Puerto Rican NBA Champion J.J. Barea

The comments made by Senator John McCain questioning the United States citizenship of NBA champion J.J. Barea is a hoax.  Shortly after Senator McCain made public comments, that some of the latest wildfires in Arizona where caused by illegal immigrants, an internet blog post had McCain demanding that Puerto Rican-born, Dallas Mavericks point guard, Jose Juan Barea prove that he was indeed a U.S. citizen.  

The story is fake and it has spread like wildfire: internet, television and social networks.  This is what the blog post said on the Imagine 2050 website:

by Dan Weiss
After fanning a virtual wildfire on Saturday with his comments on actual wildfires – “there is substantial evidence that some of these fires are caused by people who have crossed our border illegally,” Arizona Senator John McCain again made headlines today with some “heated” statements regarding the NBA’s Miami basketball franchise. Providing no evidence or reason whatsoever to back up his claims, McCain stated that illegal immigrants are “distracting us all” from doing our jobs as Americans.
“The elimination of Lebron James and the Miami heat from the NBA playoffs last week is yet another chilling example of illegals crossing our borders, snatching our health care, and eliminating our beloved sports teams from title contention. When will the madness end? And at what cost?”
McCain continued, “If you want me to believe that J.J. Barea is a citizen of this fine country, have him send some proof to my office. You don’t learn to speak Spanish that effectively in our school systems. That I guarantee.”
José Juan “J.J.” Barea, the feisty, Puerto Rican-born backup point guard for the NBA champion Dallas Mavericks, played an integral role in penetrating the outmatched Heat’s interior defense. When asked to comment about McCain’s rant, Barea quipped, “You know, I would have thought he was a Mavericks fan.”

But the story doesn't end there.  Believing these comments are true, many Puerto Ricans are now offended and in disbelief, that Senator McCain could make these comments.  A number of petitions have started to circulate asking Senator McCain to retract his comments. 

This is going to be interesting....stay tuned...

Read Senator McCain response to the hoax.



  1. you are so dumb that you don't know that all you Americans are immigrants killing all the Indians in USA look your back round all of to see were your ancestor came before speaking you brain is has small has a pebble I was born in the USA and am Portorrican & now am in Puerto Rico am ashamed that they have persons like you working for our country!!!!!

  2. Blame La Comay for helping to spread this lie.

  3. Carmen Vazquez- shame on you. Comments and grammar like yours is what make US citizens think twice about our situation. Lie or not, everyone has the choice to comment.

  4. Is a shame individuals like Mccain works in the congress of USA...I am so glad now that he didn't make it to the White House. Mr. MCain has a very short mind or he unknows that Puertorican's first language is spanish that English is a second language for us. What kind expertize he has to recognize the accent or grade of intelectuality some one speaking spanish? For me he wanted to say another thing and ended up talking about Barea's ability for spanish. What he really was thinking was "Barea is too whitey a guy with blue eyes that he can't be Puertorican" But he didn't have the guts to say it and disguised it with his improper and offensive comment. I exact him to retract and apologize to all us puertoricans.

  5. Senator McCain never made those comments about Barea. The story is not true, it is a hoax. The writer of the story admitted that it was meant to be funny. You can read the response of Senator McCain to the hoax, and the disclaimer the writer posted below the story.

  6. The majority Politicians are racists.They should stop and take a good look because we Puerto Rican that live in the contental US have a vote. The last thing they,want to do is get us angry. We vote and they need our Vote. So people use your votes and let our voices speak for us all. Let them know that we need and should be respected.

  7. Senator McCain never made those comments about J.J. Barea. The story is not true, is a hoax. The writer of the story, Dan Weiss, said it was meant to be funny. You can read the note, the writer put below the story, as well as Senator McCain's response here:

  8. This was a hoax. Thanks to human excrement Kobbo Santarrosa and his flatulent partner Hector Travieso, this hoax was blown out of proportion. Then, after confronted by reality, instead of setting the record straight, the arrogant doll, stuck to the lie. Still we can see uninformed people outraged and signing bogus petitions.

  9. Help spread the word around(facebook, twitter, etc.)people need to know this is not true. Give them the link, so that people understand how this story came about. Thanks!