Sunday, January 22, 2012

Top Five Places To Dive In Puerto Rico

There are many wonderful places to dive in the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico, from La Parguera, a southern coastal town in Puerto Rico, to the island of Culebra.  In Puerto Rico, you can experience different types of dives, from caves to reefs, full of marine life.  The water temperature ranges from 75 degrees in the winter to 85 degrees in the summer.  Visibility ranges from 60 to 100 feet.  Here are the top five places to dive in Puerto Rico:

Mona Island 

One of the more exciting dive experiences in Puerto Rico, Mona island has a diverse underwater geography: caves, reefs, and walls, for experienced divers.  You can spot sharks and humpback whales.  Mona island is located 41 miles west off the coast of Puerto Rico, and is a nature reserve.  Tour operators in Puerto Rico make special trips to dive sites.

Las Cuevas in Desecheo Island
Las Cuevas , an hour off the west coast of Puerto Rico, is a good diving location for beginners.  You can swim through canyons and arches with wonderful coral reefs, and plenty of marine life.

Fallen Rock in La Parguera
Fallen Rock is an underwater rock cliff which separated thousands of years ago, and carved a deep trench in the ocean floor.  Fallen Rock, off the coast of La Parguera, is one of the area's most popular dive spots for experienced divers.  The dive site is 45 minutes from shore of the southwest coast of Puerto Rico.  In this area you will be able to see barracudas, eagle rays, and reef-based sea life.

Cayo Ratón in Culebra
Cayo Ratón is a popular destination for scuba divers because of the many reefs and plenty of fish.   Culebra  island is off the east coast of Puerto Rico.  A moderate level dive, many fish can be spotted in Cayo Ratón.  Small to medium size life ca be found: queen angelfish, butterflyfish and parrotfish. 

Angel Reef in Vieques

Located off Vieques, and off the east coast of Puerto Rico.  Angel Reef is a good diving spot for beginners in Puerto Rico.  Angel Reef is a shallow dive, with reefs and a lot of fish.  You can see gray angelfish, corals, and an old Spanish anchor lodged into the reef.

Take a look at this video of scuba diving in Puerto Rico:

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