Sunday, June 17, 2012

Top Eco Parks And Tours In Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a great place to enjoy nature!  You can enjoy ziplining, rappelling, hiking, and river trekking eco-tours in Puerto Rico.  There are many tour operators in Puerto Rico that offer these adventures with nature, here are the top eco parks and tours:

1)  Toro Verde Nature Adventure Park

      Toro Verde is the largest park in the western hemisphere.  It is located about an hour outside of San Juan, in Orocovis, Puerto Rico.  Get ready for an adventure geared to adults as well as children.  Toro Verde is a place where you can enjoy both, extreme sports and the beautiful landscapes.  You will be able to zipline, climb a mountain and go mountain-biking on routes with various difficulty levels.  The park has 15 ziplines, monkey bridges and the opportunity to do some rappelling.  La Bestia is Toro Verde main attraction, a face-down zipline that glides you across a 4,745-feet-long, and a 853-feet-high line, above a rainforest valley.  If you like the adrenaline rush, Toro Verde is the place for you.  Expansion of the park is in the works.  Plans include the addition of a hotel and The Oroverde Eco-Resort and Adventure Park.

2)   Rocaliza Adventure Tours

       Rocaliza Adventure Tours offers numerous tours that combine ziplining, waterfall rock climbing, river trekking, hiking and rappelling.  The tours take you to a rainforest near Caguas and the Julio Enrrique Monagas Park in Bayamón.  Rocaliza offers tours where you can learn about the local ecology.  Guides will escort you on a personal or group adventure. 

3)  Batey Zipline Adventures

      Batey Zipline Adventures is located in Utuado, Puerto Rico, near the Tanamá River.  The tours take place on 30 acres inside a tropical forest.  Eco-friendly living and tourism is their specialty.  Visits to the Tanamá River, as well as, caves and caverns, rappelling, zipline, and long walks, are part of the tours.  The locations are rustic and steep requiring good physical condition.

4)  Acampa Nature Adventures  

      Acampa Nature Adventures has ziplines in the Toro Negro rainforest, near Ciales, Puerto Rico, as well as camping, rappelling, guided eco-tours of  El Yunque rainforest, and excursions to Mona Island.

Comfortable, light or sports clothing, and tennis shoes is recommended.  Do not forget your camera, any snacks, sunscreen, and a bottle of water.  Have fun with nature in Puerto Rico!

Take a look at a video of Toro Verde Adventure Park:






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