Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sites In Puerto Rico Are Added As National Historic Landmarks

Old San Juan, and the Casa Dra. Concha Meléndez Ramirez, in San Juan, Puerto Rico were named by the federal government as National Historic Landmarks.  National Historic Landmarks are nationally historic places that have exceptional value in illustrating the heritage of the United States.

Old San Juan is a 400-year-old Spanish colonial city.  Old San Juan, is the oldest city in the United States, and contains the largest collection of buildings of Spanish culture, and architecture.  According to the Department of Interior, Old San Juan Historic District includes the oldest house, Christian church, executive mansion, convent and military defenses in the United States.

The Casa Concha Meléndez Ramírez, is the residence and workplace of one of Puerto Rico’s most well-known intellectuals and educators, Concha Meléndez Ramírez.  The residence is located in  Condado.  Meléndez, was the co-founder of the Hispanic Studies Department at the University of Puerto Rico.  Meléndez worked and lived in the residence for 44 years.

On your next visit to Puerto Rico, make sure you get to see these new National Historic Landmarks.


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