Sunday, May 26, 2013

Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico

Cabo Rojo is a city located on the southwest coast of Puerto Rico.  It is bordered by Mayagüez and Hormigueros to the north, San Germán and Lajas to the east, the Caribbean Sea to the south and the Mona Passage to the west.  Cabo Rojo's terrain is mostly plain.  However, some notable peaks are Mariquita, Buena Vista, Vargas, and Peñones de Melones.

Tourism has increased in recent years in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico.  With Cabo Rojo's beautiful beaches, marinas and hotels have been developed.  Cabo Rojo is also well known for its fishing, and its many seafood restaurants.

The famous Cabo Rojo lighthouse, Los Morrillos Lighthouse, known by locals as El Faro, was built in 1881 over limestone cliffs that rise 200 feet above sea level.  The lighthouse is simple in architecture and the illuminating apparatus is housed in a cast-iron, copper and glass lantern.  Los Morrillos Lighthouse was automated in 1967, but was originally operated by two keepers and an engineer, who lived on the lighthouse with their families.  Faro Los Morrillos is known to have some spectacular ocean views in the West Coast of Puerto Rico.

National protected areas in Cabo Rojo are: The National Wildlife Refuge, home for a number of native bird species including the endangered Yellow-shouldered Blackbird also known as La Mariquita de Puerto Rico, and The Boqueron State Forest, one of seven state forests managed by the Puerto Rico Department of Natural and Environmental Resources.

Places of interest in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico:
Boquerón Beach, Cofresí Cave, El Combate Beach, Joyuda Beach, Joyuda Lagoon, Market Plaza,
Club Deportivo del Oeste, Nautical Club, Punta Arenas Beach, Punta Real Beach, Isla de Ratones,
Buye Beach, The Lighthouse (El Faro) Beach, and La Playuela in Los Morrillos (El Faro) (Playa Sucia).


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