Sunday, March 6, 2016

Ruta Platanera in Corozal, Puerto Rico

With Ruta Platanera the Puerto Rican city of Corozal and the Puerto Rico Tourism Company aims to highlight the area’s local cuisine.  Ruta Platanera, offers a variety of Puerto Rican dishes themed around Corozal’s main agricultural product– bananas.

Here are some of the restaurants that are included in the Ruta Platanera: El Jíbaro, Willy’s BBQ, La Senda de Maná, El Gustazo Grill, Limo Viejo, El Tigre, La Generala, Don Rubios, Muralla de Cibuco, Café Museo El Yagrumo, Restaurante La Guinea, Aki E Keta, El Rancho, Platanéalo, Balaika 2 y Pa' Donde.

Next time you are in Corozal, Puerto Rico, check them out.

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