Sunday, October 2, 2022

Hurricane Fiona Hits Puerto Rico

Hurricane Fiona hit Puerto Rico on the anniversary of Hurricane Maria, which devastated the island five yeas ago.   Hurricane Fiona entered Puerto Rico from the south, to southwest and exited northwest of the island.   Hurricane Fiona brought unrelenting rain, more than 30 inches in the south area, and horrible flash floods to Puerto Rico.  The most damage took place on the south and southwest towns of Puerto Rico.   Puerto Rico was again, left without power island wide and to this date around 300,000 residents are still without power.   Luma Energy is working around the clock to restore power but the energy company has taken much criticism for not restoring power sooner, especially to areas of the island that were spared the worst from Hurricane Fiona.

At least 1,000 people had to be rescued when streets became rivers.   Three people died and 2 were injured in accidents related to the power outage. The Governor of Puerto Rico estimated the damage cost from Hurricane Fiona will be in the billions.

If you had plans to spend time in Puerto Rico, within the next few weeks, make sure to call your hotel in the area you are visiting to make sure the power has been fully restored.  Also be aware that some attractions might be closed, as the cleanup takes place.


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