Sunday, November 13, 2011

Rental Property Accommodations In San Juan, Puerto Rico

Looking for alternative accommodations for your next visit to San Juan, Puerto Rico?  Do you prefer staying in a rental property instead of a hotel?  San Juan has many rental accommodations to fit your needs on your next vacation, from small apartments to homes, in the tourist areas of Condado and Isla Verde

San Juan Vacations is a real estate rental company in San Juan, Puerto Rico, that can help you find the property you need and are looking for.  San Juan Vacations is located in Isla Verde Avenue, in the heart of Isla Verde.  They have short and long term rentals available, in case you plan to extend your stay in Puerto Rico.

For more information and to check out what rentals are available contact San Juan Vacations:

Disclosure: Puerto Rico Is The Place has used San Juan Vacations services in the past.

Take a look at this video shot in Isla Verde Beach, in Isla Verde, Puerto Rico, where you can find properties for rent: