Thursday, December 29, 2011

Puerto Rico To Vote On Political Status

The Governor of Puerto Rico Luis Fortuño has approved a two-part referendum, that will help decide the political status of the island of Puerto Rico.  In the first part of the referendum, Puerto Ricans will vote on whether they want a change in political status or remain a U.S. Commonwealth.  In the second part, Puerto Ricans will vote on what political status they want for Puerto Rico.  Voters will have three options:  statehood, independence or sovereign free association.  Puerto Ricans will vote on the two-part referendum on November 6, 2012.

Approval by the U.S. Congress is required, if Puerto Rico gets a majority vote in favor of changing the current Commonwealth status.  Puerto Rico has held previous referendums in 1967, 1993 and 1998, but no majority for any status was attained.


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