Friday, December 16, 2011

Punto Verde: Kids Eco Park In San Juan, Puerto Rico

Looking for a different experience for the whole family in Puerto Rico?  Try Punto Verde.  Punto Verde is an amusement park, with nature as the central theme.  In the center of the metropolitan area of San Juan, Puerto Rico, is the eco park Punto Verde, located on the north section of the Luis Muñoz Marin park.

The eco park is a place where fantasy and nature come together to create an experience of fun, learning and adventure.  At Punto Verde you can learn to take care of the environment in a fun way.  Guests can splash, climb and jump their way through exciting attractions.

In addition to enjoying the eco park, Punto Verde is a great place to celebrate birthdays, meetings, and private functions.  Go to Punto Verde to get the experience of being one with nature.

These are Punto Verde main attractions:

    1) Enchumbao point - water spray that dance to the rhythm of music.
    2) Sonoro point - a music park where all children are music experts.
    3) Chiquitines point - games for the young children.
    4) Encaramao point - only for the bravest, walk above the park using ropes.
    5) Suspendido point - giant springboards.
    6) En Barro point - if you always wanted to learn to work with mud this is your opportunity.
    7) Enredao point - a tree labyrinth.
    8) Embeleco point – craft making with recycle materials.

Take a look at this video of Punto Verde:

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