Sunday, October 7, 2012

311 Information Service In Puerto Rico

The government of Puerto Rico has launched a new toll-free 311 telephone line that will provide information and services directly to people living in Puerto Rico.  The 311 service called, “Your Line for Government Services"or “Tu Linea de servicios de gobierno," will help the government to provide information and services to residents, and reduce the amount of non-emergency calls that the 911 emergency service receives.  With the 311 service, 911 operators will be able to instantly transfer non-emergency calls to the 311 system, which will have 72 bilingual operators.

The 311 call system will operate Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and, is aimed at the  population that is still not computer savvy.  Puerto Ricans and visitors will be able to make official complaints and check the status of current requests for services.  The official 311 operators will also be able to send documents via email or fax to people in the island.

Some of the government agencies participating in the service are: the Child Support Administration, the Family Department’s Socioeconomic Development Administration, the Department of Public Works & Transportation (including its Driver Service Directory, the Maritime Transport Authority and the Metropolitan Bus Authority), the Department of Natural & Environmental Resources, the Department of Sports & Recreation, the Solid Waste Authority, the Environmental Quality Board and the National Parks Company. 

Within the year more government agencies will be in the service, and people living in Puerto Rico, will be able to call the 311 line to access any service offered by the government.


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