Sunday, January 13, 2013

Top Six Weekend Destinations In Puerto Rico

There are many places in Puerto Rico, that you can go for a weekend, or a week, for a change of scenery and relaxation.  These are top six weekend destinations in Puerto Rico:

Isla Verde:  Located 15 minutes from Old San Juan, Isla Verde is the perfect place to get away without leaving San Juan.  Isla Verde has the best beach in the San Juan area, and there are many resorts and restaurants to chose from.  Isla Verde has easy access to all the attractions in San Juan.  

Culebra:  Relax in the island of Culebra just east of Puerto Rico, with one of the best beaches in the world, Flamenco beach.

Vieques:  This island just south east of Puerto Rico is the perfect spot to unwind.  Vieques has many beaches, wild horses, and one of the best bioluminescent bays.

Utuado:  The town of Utuado, Puerto Rico is located in the mountains, and is the perfect place to take in the fresh mountain air.  Relax on a hammock or take in the sights of nearby attractions:  Camuy Cave Park, Arecibo Observatory, Caguana Indigenous Park, and Toro Negro Forest.

Rincon:  This western town of Puerto Rico is known for surfing around the world, but you can still enjoy the laid-back town of Rincon if you are not a surfer.  Take in the waves and some of the best seafood in Puerto Rico. 

Humacao:  This town on the east coast of Puerto Rico, is home to the largest resort in Puerto Rico, Palmas del Mar.  Palmas del Mar occupies the entire south eastern portion of Humacao.  Palmas del Mar has everything for those who do not want to venture out of the resort.  The resort contains over 20 tennis courts, two world-class golf courses, miles of unspoiled beaches, several restaurants and a world class riding center.  

Enjoy and relax your days away in beautiful Puerto Rico!


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