Sunday, January 20, 2013

Top Beaches For Surfing In Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is the place for surfing.  The western coastal towns of Puerto Rico: Isabela, Aguadilla, Aguada, and Rincon, have the best surf conditions.  Rincon, Puerto Rico is the most famous for its world surfing events.  Rincon is dubbed "The Caribbean Pipeline," and is regarded as one of the best surf spots around the world.  The beaches in these towns have ideal surf conditions thanks to the strong winds.  In addition to great surfing, the climate is great and the beaches have warm water temperatures,  that attract surfers from around the world.  

The following are top beaches for surfing in Puerto Rico:

West Coast of Puerto Rico:

Rincon - Tres Palmas, Marias, Domes, Sandy Beach.

Aguadilla - Crash Boat, Wilderness, Surfer's Beach.

Isabela -  Jobos, Middles.

North Coast of Puerto Rico:

Arecibo - Hollows.

Manati -  Los Tubos.

San Juan - La Ocho, La Bomba.

Carolina - Pine Grove. Caballos.

Loiza -  Chatarra, Aviones.

East Coast of Puerto Rico:

Luquillo -  La Pared, La Selva.

Fajardo -  Race Track, El Faro.

Humacao -  Palmas Del Mar.

Patillas -  Inches.

Most beaches in the area have a surf shop nearby providing equipment, surfboard rentals, and surf lessons.  Enjoy surfing in Puerto Rico!  Surfs up!


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