Saturday, September 25, 2010

Top Five Reasons To Visit Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico

  • Attractions:

    There are many places to visit and things to do in Puerto Rico.  Compared to other islands in the Caribbean, Puerto Rico has a lot to offer.  From the majestic forts of  Old San Juan, to the El Yunque Rain Forest, a vacation in Puerto Rico is not just about taking in the sun and relaxing at the beach.  When planning your trip, make sure to give yourself enough time to explore beyond San Juan, to other towns in Puerto Rico, and the islands off the coast of Puerto Rico, Culebra and Vieques

  • Culture:

    Puerto Rico has a rich culture that centers around music.  Music is very important to the island, from typical music like Bomba y Plena, to Salsa and Merengue music.  Puerto Ricans are always ready for a party and music and dancing play a big part in their daily lives.  The Coqui, a small frog, is the unofficial animal of Puerto Rico.  Puerto Rican cuisine was influenced by the Spanish, African and Indian inhabitants of the island.  Puerto Rican dishes are seasoned with a combination of spices.

  • Beaches:

    Puerto Rico has many beaches.  From secluded to popular beaches, visitors can have their choice of beaches facing the Atlantic or the Caribbean.  The beaches of the town of Rincon, are known worldwide for its surfing, and Flamenco Beach in Culebra, is considered one of the World's top beaches.  If your idea of a vacation is the sun and beach, Puerto Rico is the place for you.

  • Weather:

    Puerto Rico is in the tropics and the weather is always nice.  Even when it rains, it is warm.  The temperature averages  80 degrees Fahrenheit.  Many visitors come to the island to escape the cold weather back home and chase the sunshine in Puerto Rico. 

  • No passport required:

    Puerto Rico is a Commonwealth of the United States and all Puerto Ricans are U.S. citizens.  There is no passport required for visitors who are U.S. citizens, however visitors continuing their journey to other parts of the Caribbean will need their U.S. passports. 

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