Friday, October 1, 2010

Hollywood Of The Caribbean, Is In The Future For San Juan, Puerto Rico

With the investment of a 57 million film studio, Puerto Rico is on its way of  becoming the Hollywood of the Caribbean.  The studio, to be located in the metropolitan area of San Juan, will have about 360,000 square feet. 

Puerto Rico wants to transform the island into a prime destination for film production, and be able to compete with other film production studios around the world.

Promoting the island as a film production destination has payed off for Puerto Rico. This year alone at least a dozen films have been filmed in Puerto Rico: Pirates Of The Caribbean 4, Fast Five, and The Losers, among others.  Filming in Puerto Rico has provided numerous jobs in the industry, from makeup artists to sound engineers.  The variety of  film locations in the island, has made Puerto Rico a  favorite destination for film production in the Caribbean, but the lack of available film studios, have resulted in some production companies having to find other locations.

A few weeks ago, it was reported that Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony were interested in investing in a film studio on the island.  This story has not been confirmed.





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