Sunday, May 1, 2011

Revitalization Of The Port Of San Juan, Puerto Rico

Infrastructure spending is going on in Puerto Rico.  The port of San Juan is going through a face-lift.  The proyect called Bahia Urbana is a 15-year, $1.5-billion waterfront initiative that will redevelop the San Juan ports area from Pier 3 to the Convention Center district.

In addition, the San Juan municipality has its own waterfront initiative, and will spend another $1.5 billion starting with the installation of San Juan’s new light-rail train.  Pier 3 in Old San Juan is also undergoing renovation to make it friendlier for larger cruise ships.

It was reported, that cruise visits to Puerto Rico increased in 2010 by 34 percent, and is expected that in 2011 total cruise visits should increase by 8 percent.

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