Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Puerto Rican Pastel

Puerto Rican Pasteles
The Puerto Rican "Pastel" is the gastronomical symbol of Puerto Rico.  Pastel is a dish which includes diced pork with olives, chicken, capers, raisins, chickpeas, spices, sweet peppers, sofrito, and garbanzo beans.  This mixture is centered in dough made mainly of green bananas with a small portion of plantain, yautía, and potato.  The dough is tinted with annatto oil.  It is wrapped in palm leaf, tied with string, boiled, and later served with arroz con gandules (yellow-rice with pigeon peas).

The boiling and tying of the "Pastel" is Taino, the plaintain dough is African, and the meat and raisins are Spanish.  This is the fusion of the three cultures of Puerto Rico.  Pasteles is the signature dish during Christmas in Puerto Rico.


Puerto Rican Pastel






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