Friday, October 14, 2011

Actor Johnny Depp Talks About Puerto Rico And Puerto Ricans

It looks like Johnny Depp has discovered that Puerto Rico Is The Place.  In a recent interview, Depp talks about Puerto Rico and Puerto Ricans.  Also, actor Johnny Depp talks about his experience working in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  

Depp was in Puerto Rico filming the movie "The Rum Diary."  During an interview for the promotion of the movie, The Rum Diary, Johnny Depp said, "The people of Puerto Rico are the sweetest people on earth." 

Take a look at a video of the interview:


Here is a video of Johnny Depp meeting fans in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico during the filming of The Rum Diary:

Video of a surprise birthday party for Johnny Depp in San Juan, Puerto Rico, while filming The Rum Diary:

The Rum Diary will be in theaters October 28, 2011.



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