Sunday, October 30, 2011

Puerto Rico Gets Highest Hotel Occupancy

Puerto Rico is the place.  The evidence points to Puerto Rico getting the highest hotel occupancy ever.   According to a new report by Smith Travel Research, Puerto Rico got the highest hotel occupancy rate among the Caribbean’s main destinations during the first eight months of 2011.  The report was presented during the Puerto Rico Hotel & Tourism Association convention in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico got a 73.5 percent occupancy rate so far this year, ahead of competitors including the Dominican Republic, which was second at 69.8 percent, Aruba 66.5 percent, U.S. Virgin Islands, 64.5 percent, Barbados 63.1 percent and the Bahamas, 61 percent.

The Smith Travel Research report found, that the hotel occupancy rate in Puerto Rico rose 4.2 percent compared to the January-August 2010 period.  Revenue per room jumped to 6.8 percent.  The Puerto Rico Tourism Company shows a total of nearly 3.1 million hotel room nights sold so far for 2011, the highest amount ever for the island of Puerto Rico.  It looks like more people each day, are discovering that, Puerto Rico Is The Place!





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