Sunday, April 22, 2012

Top Drinks To Have In Puerto Rico

Next time you are in Puerto Rico, and you are ready to order a drink, take a look and try these top drinks in Puerto Rico:

Piña Colada

The popular cocktail was invented in Puerto Rico.  Piña colada is made of pineapple Juice, coconut Cream, and rum. 

Medalla Light Beer

Produced in Puerto Rico, Medalla is a light beer, favored by Puerto Ricans.


Rum and coke (Cuba libre).  There are a number of rum brands in Puerto Rico to choose from.  These are some:  Bacardi, Don Q, Barrilito, Palo Viejo, and Ron Rico. 

Whiskey and Coconut Water

The refreshing taste of coconut water goes well on a warm night in Puerto Rico.


Chichaito is a Puerto Rican shot consisting of Palo Viejo white rum mixed with anise liqueur, served at room temperature, chilled or with ice.  Sip it slowly.


Coquito or Puerto Rican eggnog, is the Christmas drink in Puerto Rico.  Coquito is made with white rum, egg yolks, cream of coconut or coconut milk, vanilla, cinnamon, and evaporated and condensed milk.  Coquito is served cold.

Enjoy these drinks when you are in Puerto Rico and Salud!


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