Sunday, June 30, 2013

Best Places For A Retirement Home In Puerto Rico

Looking for a place to retire?  Puerto Rico might be the ideal location for you.  Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States and the currency is the dollar.  Puerto Rico has a tropical climate and a variety of locations: city, beach and mountain.  The following are some of the best places for a retirement home in Puerto Rico:

Isla Verde Isla Verde is located in the best beach in the San Juan area.  Isla Verde has many resorts, hotels and condominiums that line up Isla Verde Beach.  This tourist area is 15 minutes away from Old San Juan and close to hospitals and stores.

CondadoCondado is located between Isla Verde and Old San Juan.  Condado is a tourist area and has many hotels and condominiums.  Condado is 10 minutes from Old San Juan and close to hospitals and shops.

Humacao:  The city of Humacao is located in the eastern coast of Puerto Rico and west of Vieques Passage.  Palmas del Mar, the island's largest resort, is located here.  Palmas del Mar also has real estate for sale.

RinconRincon is popular for surfers.  Rincon is located in the West Coast of Puerto Rico, about 2 hours from San Juan.  Rincon, is the place with the best surfing beaches in Puerto Rico.  Many people stateside have moved here and have made Rincon their home.

Vieques:  The rural charm and pristine deserted beaches, have made Vieques a popular destination.  Vieques, is an island 8 miles to the east of the main island of Puerto Rico, and South of Culebra, another island of Puerto Rico.  Vieques is a 30-minute flight from San Juan.

CulebraCulebra is an island off the eastern coast of Puerto Rico. Culebra has one of the best beaches in the world, Flamenco Beach.  There is very little commercial development on the island, because of its protective status.  Culebra is about a 30-minute flight from San Juan. 

Fajardo:  Fajardo is known for recreational boating in Puerto Rico.  Fajardo has the largest Marina in the Caribbean,  Puerto del Rey, and is a popular launching port to Culebra, Vieques, and the American and British Virgin Islands.  Fajardo is located in the east region of Puerto Rico, and east of Luquillo.

DoradoDorado is a small town in the northern coast of Puerto Rico, 15 miles west of San Juan.  Dorado is a tourist destination with golf courses, hotels, and upscale neighborhoods.

Cayey:  If you like living in the mountains, Cayey is located on the Central Mountain range of Puerto Rico.  Cayey has a cooler climate compared to the lower-elevation areas of the island.  The mountain areas are less expensive than the coastal areas of Puerto Rico. 

Rio Grande:  If money is no object, The Trump International Golf Club and Residences, might be your choice.  The property is located in Rio Grande, in the north coast of Puerto Rico. The Trump International Golf Club and Residences is on a private penninsula, between beautiful beaches and the El Yunque National Forest.  All residents have memberships to two 18 hole PGA Tournament level golf courses, designed by Tom Kite and access to the Trump clubhouse.

Have fun searching for your favorite place in Puerto Rico!


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