Sunday, July 7, 2013

Kiteboarding In Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico
has become the place for kiteboarding thanks to the constant winds of the island.  Puerto Rico has some great locations if you enjoy kiteboarding, or if you would like to learn, Puerto Rico has a number of schools.

Kiteboarding is becoming a very popular sport.  Those who enjoy it, go to the beach to catch the  constant winds of this Caribbean island.  There are many beach options for kiteboarding in Puerto Rico.  Some of the favorites are, Ocean Park beaches in San Juan, Isabela in the west and Dorado in the north.  

If you are new to kiteboarding, Dorado has a new school, Goodwinds, located at the Dorado Beach Resort.  The watersports center is part of the Ritz Carlton Reserve.  The watersports center provides classes in kiteboarding, windsurfing and sailing.

Have fun kiteboarding in Puerto Rico!  Tale a look at this video of kiteboarding in Puerto Rico:


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