Monday, July 15, 2013

Mesones Gastronomicos In Puerto Rico

When you dine in Puerto Rico, you may find that some restaurants are called Mesones Gastronomicos.   Mesones Gastronomico, is a restaurant that has maintained the high quality standards set by the Puerto Rico Tourism Company.  There are many of these restaurants all over Puerto Rico, especially in the smaller towns and villages.  Quality standards have to be kept high to remain a Mesones Gastronomicos establishment, so visitors can feel completely comfortable dining at any one of these restaurants. 

The Mesones Gastronomicos Program was established in 1987 by the Puerto Rico Tourism Company to regulate participating restaurants and to ensure that guests who dine at these specific restaurants are guaranteed excellent service, good food and value for their money.  The Mesones Gastronomicos Program also assists the tourism industry of Puerto Rico, as they are able to recommend restaurants to their clients and international visitors.


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