Saturday, July 13, 2013

Villas Del Mar Hau, Isabela, Puerto Rico

While visiting Isabela and before heading back to San Juan, Puerto Rico, we took a
detour to visit the Villas del Mar Hau.  From what we could see, there are
many cottage-type accommodations.  Some of the villas are right on the
oceanfront.  There was a line of cars waiting to get by the guard at the
entrance gate so it looked as if it was full to capacity.  We learned that Villas del Mar Hau
is a very popular place with the locals.

We wanted to have dinner at the Olas y Arenas Restaurant which is a Meson
Gastronomico, a rating given to only a few of the restaurants on the
island.  In Puerto Rico, a Mesones Gastronomicos Program was established in 1987 by the Puerto Rico Tourism Company to regulate participating restaurants and to ensure that guests who dine at these specific restaurants are guaranteed excellent service, good food and value for their money.
The restaurant is round and open to the breezes
overlooking the ocean.  We got excellent service and we were surprised
when the waiter brought us 2 complimentary "parchacellos."  These are an
in-house creation made with the juice of the parcha and white wine among
other ingredients.  It was very refreshing and delicious.  In addition to
that, we also ordered a pina colada as it was rather warm out.

For dinner we had mofongo with chicken, chillo (red snapper) with creole sauce and
tostones.  It was all quite tasty and to our surprise, served rather
quickly.  However, when it came time to pay for dinner, the waiter was not
around and we had to go to the cashier in order to pay the bill.  All in
all, the food was delicious, but the facilities are not first class.

Parchacellos Drinks, Isabela, Puerto Rico

Chillo with Creole Sauce and Tostones

Villas del Mar Hau, Isabela, Puerto Rico

Mofongo with Chicken

Villas del Mar Hau, Isabela, Puerto Rico


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